Win a dozen Limited Edition Callaway balls

To celebrate Callaway becoming the Official Partner of the European Tour – plus Francesco Molinari’s move to the brand – we’re giving you the chance to win a box of exclusive Chrome Soft Truvis balls, stamped with the European Tour logo.


The latest Chrome Soft – as chosen by Molinari, along with Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia and dozens of Callaway Staff Players – is made from the strongest and thinnest material known to man, “graphene”.


All you’ve got to do to stand a chance of winning is click the buttons at the end of this page to share this link on either Facebook or Twitter. The winners will be chosen next week and announced on next Wednesday’s Tour Insider.

How Callaway improved the Chrome Soft 

Dr Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Callaway Golf, told us: “We looked at various parts of the golf ball and the functions of each, and we quickly decided that if we were going to use a material that made any part of our golf ball substantially stronger it would be in the outer core, because its role is partly to allow the inner core to be soft.

“What we wanted to produce was an outer core that was much stronger, effectively a thinner but stronger ‘crash helmet’ for the inner core and that would allow us to make the inner core bigger.”

Callaway says every component in the 2018 Chrome Soft has been improved, and thanks to “graphene” they've got a strength advantage over the competition, without compromising feel.

Graphene has been used to create a thinner, lighter “crash helmet” style outer core, which means the inner core can be larger. That means more ball speed, and Callaway says the Chrome Soft's (again, thanks to graphene) lowers spin increases launch and tightens accuracy with the driver.

Hocknell added: “If you think of this inner core as the engine of the ball, the inner of the new Chrome Soft is now bigger and softer because it is protected by the stronger outer core, which allows us to pump up the speed, pump up the spin-reducing characteristic of the soft core, and still retain the soft-feel benefits.”

The Truvis markings make it appear bigger than it really is, boosting your confidence when you’re stood over one.

“There are over 30 distinct visual areas in the optical system,” says sports vison specialist John Rose. “The ball’s pentagonal design provides a simple method of stimulating those receptors, enabling greater feedback than you get from a white ball. The repeating symmetrical markings increase the contrast of the ball against its background, making it easier to see.”

It’s also great for seeing the spin you put on chips and putts.  


Chrome Soft performance highlights

➤ Optimised compression, feel and spin profile through the bag.

➤ Maximum dual core compression differential that allows players of all ability to compress the ball on the clubface.

➤ Faster ball speed thanks to a firmer outer core and a new manufacturing method.

➤ Reduced spin without sacrificing ball speed.

➤ Better, softer sound, whilst maintaining ball compression, thanks to a large inner core.


Sarah Pyett